Peg Ginsberg Watercolor Painter and Teacher

Offering classes in the magic of watercolors to all levels of students

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Studio located at 205 E. Main Street in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Hours are generally 10 or 11 to 4 or 5 Monday through Saturday. It’s just me, so it all depends!

Featured Works

This little piece is only 6×10 inches and has birches through the cedars.
By the Water’s Edge
Early Morning Seating
this one is 37″x51″ unframed
only 10″x7″!

About Me

Peg Ginsberg studied art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at Layton School of Art and Design in Milwaukee. Her work may be found in the collection of University Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin as well as private collections across the country. Her paintings have appeared on the covers of Madison advertising magazine Dollars & Sense since 1996.

I always thought of myself as an artist. I always loved to draw and I chose art as my major when I went to college, but I didn’t discover the magic of watercolor till I took an evening class when my family was young. It took me another twenty years to begin painting seriously. Now I have the time and freedom to pursue my lifelong dream.

Step into my new larger more open space!

I paint with watercolor because I am fascinated by the many possibilities of water, pigment and paper. I love to see the colors create themselves as they flow into one another right on the paper. I love to see my subject emerge out of nowhere and I love to see the response of viewers when a painting speaks to them. Now I love sharing my love with students when they find the same joy and excitement in their own discoveries.


Classes are ongoing studio time with beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Instruction is personal and individual, with a focus on whatever is the student’s interest. If you don’t know where to start there are plenty of directions to choose from when you get past the basics.

Watercolor is a medium with unlimited potential and diverse directions for exploration and discovery, try it!

Class schedules are varying with the new larger space and new world created by the Pandemic Year. All group classes are $20 a session, with basic supplies available for purchase at the shop if needed. Private lessons are available for $50 for 2 hours by appointment during daytime hours. For more information, call 608-437-0418.


Peg Ginsberg Watercolor Studio